3D scanner

We have invested in one of the industry's most advanced 3D scanners, which allows us to digitise physical products with an extremely high level of detail. The 3D scanner works on glossy, polished and black surfaces and requires no preparation of the product being scanned - i.e. scanning time is significantly reduced.

With a 3D scan of your products, the digital imagery is rendered very accurately, so our customers experience fewer corrections when creating the 3D models.

Below you can see a video of how the scanner works in practice. If you have any questions, please contact us at sales@phiro.dk.

ISO-certified color setup

A big part of making 3D models is making sure that the materials the physical models are made of are also realistic in 3D. That's why we've invested in an ISO-certified colour setup that allows us to image textiles and materials in perfect light, and implement these on the 3D models. This setup allows us to more easily produce imagery where the colours are rendered correctly.


We work in industry-specific programs, which ensures that we can guarantee a high quality for our customers. We have chosen these programs as it allows us to move data between them, which ultimately reduces costs for the customer. We do not compromise on software packages as we believe stability is important for both us and our clients.