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3D and Digital transformation - what is it all about?


Digital transformation, which in Phiro's case involves 3D graphics, can be done in many ways. From a historical perspective, 3D technology is new compared to photography, which humans have become accustomed to. When working on a digital transformation, we often find that the first thing to work on with a potential client is the client's mindset, as 3D technology can often be outside the client's "comfort zone". When we do a digital transformation, we change general behaviour and culture as we replace the images a photographer would normally deliver or create images of solutions that were previously only described in text.

Phiro provides new and technical solutions that are technologically advanced. This can feel like a big step to take for the customer. Therefore, we start small and build from the top, and as the ROI of the customer increases, it is easier for the customer to dedicate more because there are a lot of possibilities with 3D technology. We usually explain what we do by saying that we first create a digital 3D database. The database consists of a lot of different Lego bricks, which can be combined in many ways and not least reused. 3D is therefore often more expensive in its intake, because the database must first be created, but not far down the road you reap the benefits that the technology offers.

With endless possibilities to create imagery, the next step is the art of limitation, and here it is often the economy that sets the limits. Therefore, the role of our sales people is not only to sell, but to advise the client on how Phiro can create the best possible imagery with the economy available. Therefore, we listen a lot to what the customer wants to achieve with what needs to be created, what the long-term goal is, what the "pains" are and how the customer intends to reach the desired interfaces on different platforms. A message can be delivered in many ways and even the same message can be communicated in an expensive or inexpensive way. Or something in between. That's why it's vital to have a transparent dialogue so we can help the client achieve their desired goal.