3D solutions are a sustainable choice

3D technology has reached a point where you can confidently choose it over traditional photography and still achieve extremely high detail. A major advantage of 3D soldering is that it is a much more sustainable way to create visualisations and marketing materials.

The 3D materials are created digitally on a computer, where it is also possible to make 3D models of products that have not yet been produced. With 3D solutions, there is no need to organise a photo shoot, where the photographer, equipment and products in several variations have to be transported, which would have a large impact both economically and, in particular, environmentally.

Sustainability for us is how we create sustainable solutions that benefit our customers and the world around us. With 3D solutions, you don't have to feel guilty if you want to change your digital images, for example if you want your product to be a different colour. Everything can be digitally corrected without having to set up a photo shoot, as if it had to be photographed all over again. Phiro provides more flexibility in a more sustainable way. 

Phiro is part of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Phiro contributes to a number of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Although we are a Danish company with offices in Aarhus, we still believe we have a responsibility to ensure sustainable development.

3D graphics students rely on apprenticeships to get the most out of their training. We regularly take on students and help provide them with good conditions to develop their professional knowledge and craft. We want to create an environment for employees that provides a good foundation for mental and physical health. This includes a good indoor climate and the possibility of healthy and varied food. We pride ourselves on helping to develop working practices that are a more sustainable choice in the long and short term.

Our office is located in a building with DGNB Gold certification,which means, among other things, it is designed to be a green house. We get some of our electricity from solar panels on the roof, which together produce 43,500 kWh a year, which turns it into a great and green energy source.

With innovative 3D technology, you can significantly reduce your image production consumption. A major spin-off benefit our customers experience is that their climate footprint is reduced. Embracing 3D technology opens a lot of doors to new solutions that can make businesses more energy and resource efficient.