Phiro is a visual communications agency that provides imagery for sales and marketing across media and sales platforms.

Our success criteria is a high conversion rate with our customers.

We help our customers to present their products in the best possible way and believe that through close communication with the customer we can get to the heart of their needs. In doing so, we can help increase awareness, sales and the value of the client's brand and products - and we're happy to both advise and spar on just that.

At Phiro, we make a virtue of doing the work so that our customers save on resources, both financial and time. With us it is not long from idea to final material, and therefore not until the material is out on the market.

We can provide a wide range of 3D services, including product images, environmental images, product animations, environmental animations, motion design and augmented reality. One of the greatest benefits of 3D is that it not er "now or never". We build a digital universe around our customers, which we can always adapt to the evolution of the customer.

Phiro has offices in Aarhus, Denmark, where we opened our doors in 2003. Since then we have supplied imagery to a wide range of national and international companies. We have a strong team of industry-savvy graphic designers, salespeople and project managers, all of whom are specialists in our field. We follow digital developments closely, so we are always up to date with new trends and opportunities, but at the same time we are not afraid to stick to the processes that we know work.


Phiro will be the world leader in producing value-added, photo-realistic representations of all kinds of products using known 3D technologies, as well as consultancy in the same field.