Product images created in 3D

A good product image illustrates the product in its purest form, and 3D technology is an ideal tool for this purpose. The process starts with us creating a 3D model of your product, or building on a 3D model you already have. We then create digital versions of the materials that will be displayed on the product, and get to work on the actual product images. They are made in a digital 3D studio, which allows you to reuse the products with the same camera settings, lighting, materials, etc. for new product images year after year.

The product images we create can be used across sales and marketing platforms, both online and offline. The 3D process is efficient and time-saving, so no matter how many product images you want for each product, it's not long from the initial request to the finished material being ready for you.

3D rendering sofa

Why are product images important?

People are shopping more and more on the internet, and visual impressions can greatly influence purchasing decisions. That's why product images are one of the most important things you can invest in as an online retailer.

Product images are important for the buyer or consumer as they get to see the product in all colours, angles, materials, arrangements etc. With 3D product images you give your potential customers the best possible overview of your products and stand stronger than your competitors.

A high level of product information attracts customers and creates value for them. Phiro are experts in advising on the types of images that will generate more sales for you. If you would like more information, or need guidance, please contact us immediately below.

360° viewing option

The implementation of 360° image display of products has become very popular on various e-commerce sites today. Therefore, many of our customers choose 360° images so that they can display their products from all angles.

When we have already made a 3D model of your product and processed it, it is a simple process to deliver a 360° image. If you want to know more, please contact us below.

3D models and materials of the highest quality

We have invested in a 3D scanner that enables us to digitise physical products, so the 3D models we deliver are at the highest level in the industry. The digital furniture is made to the exact measurements from the physical model and includes the curves and details that make it realistic.

Many of our customers have seen the quality of our 3D scanner and many have chosen to have their entire range scanned. The 3D models become part of a digital universe where it is possible to customize it exactly as desired. Here the customer can choose the angle of the model, materials and colours, and the type of environment in which the models will be placed. All this can be replaced without any problems. 

When making 3D models, a high degree of realism is important, which requires that the materials and colours of the models are perfect reflections of the physical ones. That's why we've invested in an ISO certified colour setup, so you can be sure the colours will be correct. If you would like more information about our scanner and ISO certified setup, please see our equipment side.

Once we've created your product images, the possibilities are almost endless - including. environmental images, 360° images, animations, augmented reality ect. At Phiro we create the solution that suits you, but we advise towards developing your business. We offer image packages that contain the right combination and quantity of 3D images, so that your sales and marketing material is as good as possible.

Selected cases

Below we have selected some cases of companies we have worked with, where we have created a variety of 3D imagery. Examples are given of how 3D imaging has added value to each of their businesses.