Product images created in 3D

A good product image should show the essence of the product itself, and 3D is a very versatile technology to use for this. Maybe you already have a 3D model of your product we can work with, and if not, we'll make the 3D model. Next, we create the materials that will appear on the product, and then we're ready to create the product images. These are made in a digital studio that can be reused year after year, so camera settings, lighting, materials, etc. are preserved. This way we can make images now and in the future that have continuity.

No matter how many product images you want of each product, the production process is easy and time-saving, and the images can be used across sales and marketing platforms on- or offline. It's an efficient process, so it's not long from an initial request to the finished material being ready for use. In addition, the production process is also more carbon friendly as transport of products is reduced to a minimum.

3D rendering sofa

Why are product images important?

Many of us shop a lot on the internet, and product images are one of the most important things you, as an online retailer, can invest in.

The product image means a lot to the buyer or consumer, so they can see the product in all colours, angles, shapes, arrangements, etc. That's why it's important to give your potential customers the best possible overview of your products, so that you stand stronger than your competitors. Customers automatically seek out the place where the level of information is highest, as this creates value for the customer.

Phiro are experts in advising on which image types will create the most sales for you. If you want more info or need guidance, contact us right away.

360g viewing option

The option of 360-degree image display has become very popular on the various e-commerce sites today. That's why many of our customers use 360-degree images to show their products from all angles.

Once we have modelled/scanned your product and then processed the model, it is a simple step to deliver a 360-degree image.

If you are curious you can contact us here.

3D models and materials at the highest level

We have invested in a 3D scanner that enables us to digitise physical products, so the 3D models we deliver are at the highest level in the industry. The digital products are made to precise measurements and have the curves and detail that many of our customers demand. We can convert a good model to a lower quality if necessary, but a low quality model cannot be converted to a higher quality. Then the model has to be made from scratch. That's why we always recommend our customers to start with a high level of detail for 3D models, so that the customer is more future-proof.

When we make 3D visualisations, it's also important that we get the materials and colours right. Whether working with photography or 3D visualisation, ensuring correct colours can be a challenge. That's why we've invested in an ISO certified colour setup, so you can be sure the colours will be correct.

See more information about our scanner and ISO certified setup here

Once we've created your product images, the possibilities are endless. We can do 360g images, for example, animations, Augmented Reality solutions, environmental images mm. At Phiro we create the solution that suits you, but also challenge you to evolve so that your business evolves too. We offer image packages that contain the right amount of product and environmental images, so that your sales and marketing material is as good as possible.

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