Data security at Phiro

Data security for our customers is crucial to our ability to operate as a business. It is therefore a major priority that our customers have confidence in us. To create that trust, we have implemented a lot of measures that ensure extremely strong data security. Signing NDAs regarding secure data storage is also offered, so our customers have an official assurance that the data and information they hand over to us is protected.

We use two kinds of servers - a work server and an archive server. Both of these servers are protected by a strong anti-virus systemthat stops anything coming from outside. At the same time , the servers are monitored 24 hours a day by external surveillance agents, who make sure we are notified immediately of any unauthorised access attempts.

Our work server has a redundant backup that duplicates all content from the servers. The backup is located elsewhere than the servers, protecting data from physical damage in the event of a fire, for example.

Our customers can be issued personal logins to our encrypted customer database, where they can access the images and files we have created. In addition, the office is protected by burglar alarms, which prevent unauthorised persons from entering the office.