Only imagination sets limits with 3D environments

Environmental images are essential for generating additional sales. Whatever segment your product is in (furniture, industrial, construction, fixtures or medical), we create the environment you need. Environmental images are a great opportunity to show your product in context to the end user and understand it better. Environmental images create a mood and story around the product, and help brand your product.

What's special about 3D environmental imaging is that you can create exactly the location, light and mood you want to show your product in. There is an added flexibility in being able to create different variations of the environments with new angles in the digital environments, meaning you can quickly create images with variation to get your sales off the ground.

Having trouble finding the right location? Then we can help you. Whether you want your products displayed in a penthouse apartment in Manhattan, a primitive forest house in the Norwegian mountains, or a contemporary funk house, we can make it happen.

At Phiro, we create the solution that suits you, but we advise against developing your business. We offer image packages that contain the right combination and quantity of 3D images to make your sales and marketing material the best it can be.

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