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Cooperation between Phiro and TMK Group

For many years, Phiro has worked closely with several TMK brands: Nettoline, Kitchn, Modulia and Concepta. We have produced everything from product images to environmental images and configurators.

All of the above brands face the challenge of developing new products for which they would like to have environmental images, but the logistically challenging, time-consuming process and often expensive solution of photographing kitchens prevents them from having the marketing material they want. That's why they get a lot of their environmental imagery done with us in 3D.

In March 2020, Nettoline wanted a new environmental image for their new type of cabinet door. We built a kitchen in a modern style, located in a new house, but where we created a cozy environment among other things by using the warm light from the sun. In May 2020, another need arose. This time the request was to have the same kitchen but in different colours. This would be a very expensive affair when photographing, but with 3D it is possible to get it done both cheaply and quickly.

In August 2020, Nettoline's Norwegian division wanted to have the same environment adapted to their customers' style. We therefore adjusted the colours and decoration to create a new image that appeals more to Norwegian customers.

Through an environmental image, we have created three images, each telling a story about the same product, but in a different way. This expands Nettoline's marketing material to target different customers, and tap into each customer's specific wishes and dreams for a kitchen.

Animation creates awareness

A picture is worth a thousand words, and probably a film is worth a thousand pictures. That's why TMK often uses animated films prepared in their environmental imagery. This is also a pleasure in this project. Here we prepared two lengths of animation film. A 20-second film that works for TV, instore TV and on the website, and a 6-second film that works optimally to generate curiosity on social media. 

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