Mogens Hansen

Owner, project leader and 3D Graphic Designer

Qualified carpenter and building technician. Mogens Hansen is in charge of the daily management of Phiro. For more than a decade he has been dealing primarily with project leadership, modelling work in AutoCad, 3D work and post production.

Phone:00 45 30 63 82 23

Rasmus Friis Skovgaard

Project leader, sales and 3D Graphic Designer

MA and qualified multimedia animator (Tech College, Aalborg, and C.F. Moeller, Aarhus). Since 2008 Rasmus Friis Skovgaard has been employed by Phiro. He is a project leader and deals with sales, 3D work and post production.

Phone: 00 45 51 90 84 46

Nick Buchtrup Jensen

3D Graphic Designer

Multimedia Graphic Designer, generalist and 3D autodidact since 1998. 3D visualization is his main task at Phiro.

Phone: 00 45 27 58 33 72

Henrik Christensen

3D Graphic Designer

3D Digital Artist / Game Artist. He is working with 3D, animation and postproduction.


Christine Pomplun

3D Graphic Designer

Qual. 3D Game/Graphic/Multimedia Designer, and programming generalist. She is working with 3D, developement of VR/AR, websites, post production and project leading.

Phone: 00 45 25 42 90 40

Magnus Friis Jensen


Currently studying in the 3D College in Grenå to obtain the qualification as 3D Multimedia Animator. and attending an apprenticeship here at Phiro.

Board Members

From left to right: Rasmus Friis Skovgaard (co-owner) | Bo Vallentin | Agner Nautrup | Mogens Hansen (owner) | Sven-Ove Christensen (chairman and co-owner)